Hello, I'm Tom

A web developer & software architect

I'm also an Australian with a deep love for spicy food and a weakness for bacon & egg rolls on a Saturday morning.

How I Can Help

Website & UI Design

Using a mobile-first approach, with simplicity & conversion in mind

User Testing & UX Design

Get feedback on how easy your website is to use before (or after) launch.


Together, we come up with a brand strategy for your company, which also includes the core identity elements e.g. Logo, Messaging, Fonts, Colour pallette, Visual Language.

Website Building

Websites can range from a single page to a company website, or to a full e-commerce website.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Build websites with SEO optimisation so they appear in the top results for Google or other search providers.

Company Email Setup

Give you a professional email domain through Google Workplace or Office 365.


Increase traffic to your website by setting up online ads through Google and Instagram.

Some Projects


Gem Island

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